UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration: 10 year plan for healing the planet

UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration: 10 year plan for healing the planet

Because of the environmental crisis, the next ten years are crucial not only to the climate but also to the millions of animal species that populate the planet. The ecosystem restoration needs to be made a priority in order to maintain the environment that supports life on Earth.

UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration put in motions ten programs that have the purpose to accelerate the global restoration of our environment:

  1. Empower a global movement  
  2. Invest in restoration
  3. Set the right incentives 
  4. Celebrate leadership  
  5. Shift behaviours  
  6. Invest in research  
  7. Build capacity
  8. Celebrate a culture of restoration
  9. Build up the next generation 
  10. Listen and learn 

Each of the programs has its own important meaning. Firstly, for every destroyed and degraded part of the environment, there has to be an equal part of recovery: planting more trees for oxygen and protecting the billions of hectares of ecosystems.

Secondly, “Invest in Restoration” focuses on the importance of government funding, international creditors, and development agencies. Ecosystem restoration is a very high-cost project, which cannot be accomplished without the necessary finances.

“Set the right incentives” centres on the importance of care needed for the ecosystem: the more the environment is looked after, the healthier it becomes, producing better harvests, which in turn ensures a stable income.

Shift behaviours

The most frequent environment issues on a global level include:

-terrestrial deforestation

-depletion of fish stocks

-agricultural land degradation

In order to encourage the programs of restoration, the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration has the intention to cooperate fully with all the partners involved.

Invest in research 

Focuses on the importance of knowing the difference between ecosystem: practices that can help save and maintain a healthy ecosystem and have devastating effects on another. The more the climate changes, new factors come into place: higher temperatures, as well as precipitation changes, need more resilient plants and soil. The scientific understanding of the restoration of the ecosystem is still evolving and it needs significant investment to determine the best program of restoration and reconstruction of our planet.

 Build capacity 

Centers on the thousands of programs that are in place in order to save the environment. UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Strategy offers to help the minorities who suffer the most because of ecosystem changes, such as indigenous communities, women, and young children.

Celebrate a culture of restoration

The Government needs the help of scientific experts and environmental organisations in order to build a safe path towards a healthy environment.

Build up the next generation

The program focuses on the importance of starting the process towards a clean environment as soon as possible, in order to assure a healthy future for the next generations.


The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, led by the United Nations Environment Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and partners covers terrestrial as well as coastal and marine ecosystems. A global call to action, it will draw together political support, scientific research and financial muscle to massively scale up restoration.

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